Cascadia Creamery’s Glacier Blue

I wrote this description of Glacier Blue way back in July for Porter Road Butcher’s “Butcher Block Bulletin,” a regular email update for our customers. Our PR Manager, Kat (who happens to be an extraordinary cheesemonger, too!), made it look real purty. I’ll post these cheese descriptions from the newsletter on this blog, too. As for the cheese itself–I haven’t had it in the shop for a while and need to correct that omission post-haste! I miss it terribly! What a phenomenal, unique domestic blue it is–so complex that I taste something new each time I have a bite. What’s perhaps most marvelous is the toasty smokiness of it, despite having never been exposed to smoke or heat.

(Image: Katharine Azzolini)

Visit Cascadia’s very informative website here!

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