My Official Titles at Work

Cheesemonger: Because I mong the cheese.

Cheezus: This wonderfully heretical title was granted by a butcher.

Cheese Cutter and Sausage Grabber: Also granted by a butcher. A theme emerges.

Arranger of Moldy Milk: I bestowed this title upon myself, but I deserve it, as you can see below:

valentine's day plate
Just a sweet lil’ Valentine’s Day plate for two. Harpeth Fleur from Noble Springs, Prairie Breeze from Milton Creamery, Manchego, marcona almonds, dried cherries, Soppressata from Spotted Trotter, and a bit of Tennshootoe from The Hamery. 
Not sure why olives are the centerpiece, but I didn’t hear any complaints. Blue Paradise, Goat Gouda from Central Coast Creamery, Pecorino Wiscono, Prairie Breeze, Virginia peanuts, cornichons, local honey, Black Pepper Sorghum Salami from Spotted Trotter, Porteroni made in house at Porter Road Butcher.
Tomme Chebris, Prairie Breeze, Blue Paradise, Manchego, Kunik, Marcona Almonds, local honey, Virginia peanuts, cornichons, Blackberry Patch fig jam, Roots & Branches crackers. Why do I keep closing the jars before snapping a pic?!
Oops, I forgot the cheese. (Just kidding, someone actually ordered a platter without cheese. I was cool about it, but will henceforth blame all natural disasters on this moment.)
Kat, Kyle, and I built a platter for a bajillion people. If they didn’t like it, I’m blaming the grapes.

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